Nationwide crisis as millions face having ‘no cash over Christmas’ | Personal Finance | Finance

Nationwide is facing a Christmas crisis as millions of customers face having no cash over the holiday season as thousands of transactions pend.

The reason for this is that the bank is experiencing a technical issue which means transactions across the country are still pending.

On Thursday the bank admitted that it did not know how long it would take for the issue to be fixed.

As a result, Britons across the country are worrying they won’t have any money over Christmas because their wages are due to hit their bank accounts in the next 24 hours.

What’s more, the bank has said it can’t guarantee their money will be there.

The Sun reported that one customer said: “My payday is due tomorrow which is a Friday, if payments are delayed I assume I will have no funds until after Boxing Day?”

In response, the bank said it did not have “an estimated timescale” and that payments had been “placed in a queue and will arrive as soon as possible”.

However, another person complained: “People can’t access their money three days before Christmas? They’re not even apologising for the problem.”

A third said: “My wages usually go in at midnight. “Will this still go ahead if payments are delayed?”

In a statement, Nationwide said: “There’s a delay affecting some incoming and outgoing Faster Payments following a fault earlier this evening.

“Payments are now flowing again and all queued payments will be processed shortly.

“We will be processing these payments… with the aim to fund accounts within the next few hours if queued.”

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