Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for December 27


Someone close will suggest quiet types of entertainment rather than being surrounded by masses of company. Be discreet about passing on things you hear to a neighbour. You don’t want to give away information that was never intended to go any further than your own ears.


You can understand why friends want to splash out and have some fun but if you can’t afford to join them, you don’t have to follow suit. Check how much it is going to cost before launching yourself into an orbit of possibly expensive social rounds.


Spend too much time on your own and you could become perplexed by meaningless trivialities or little worries that tend to build up in your mind. Check advice and support on trusted websites or talk to a financial advisor if you are struggling with the cost of living.


There is nothing stopping you from taking the driver’s seat to help get a group project going. You may not be overwhelmed with thanks but you would never let this stop you from helping out a friend who is in trouble. Once they get over their initial surprise, they will be grateful.


If you need some company, it won’t take a lot of persuasion to get others to agree to join you in some social plans. Are you single? Someone who admires your warmth and charisma will ask you for a date. Keep an eye on costs even when shopping for basics.


You want to get jobs done and out of the way. Workmates and housemates refuse to get a move on. Their lack of motivation and idle ways seem set to slow you down. If you are starting to realise you have teamed up with the wrong person, issue an ultimatum or find a new partner.


With so much going on you may have forgotten something you were supposed to do until someone abruptly reminds you. There will still be time to rectify the matter. You sense something strange is happening between two friends. For now, keep your thoughts to yourself.


There really isn’t any need to pile on the charm to impress someone you met recently at a Christmas party. Just be yourself. If you worry you are being too talkative or impulsive, there is something in the air today that will be getting to everyone, not just you.


Someone underestimates your abilities and this makes you realise why you may have to start advertising your skills. You know what you are good at. You know too when some people are trying to trick others into thinking they are more knowledgeable than they are.


If attending a party or social gathering, don’t get carried away when telling stories. Beware of revealing too much about your personal situation than is wise to a stranger. They could use your words against you in the future. Talk less and listen more.


Secrets someone has been keeping from you will come to light. You will now realise what it is that has been holding you back in the past. You have been dealing with someone who pretends to be a good friend when the only person they really care about is themselves.


You will be interested in hearing other people’s thoughts and what friends might have to say but when it comes to making important decisions, the choices made need to be your own. Resist the temptation to go along with a friend’s suggestions, just to please them.

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