Families’ heartwarming, heartbreaking and silly traditions at Christmas

Taking to Reddit, I came across three unique family traditions that happen every year at Christmas.

May the Force be with you

One person said theirs “was dressing up and watching Star Wars”, which may seem a bit out there, but the reason behind it is so touching.

“My dad died four days before Christmas when I was about 13, and the last film we had gone to see together was Star Wars: Episode One,” it was revealed.

The Reddit contributor, called EvilFluffMonster, said: “A few years in a row there were Star Wars movies on at the cinema, so we all dressed up as stormtroopers etc and went along.

“It’s a fun thing to do in memory of my dad. I don’t even know if he was a Star Wars fan especially, but it means something to me.”

Thank you, Christmas tree

One user said their grandma started a tradition whereby they all had a gift wrapped from the Christmas tree that were opened on Boxing Day.

StonePict said: “My grandma always thought it was sad that there weren’t any presents to open on Boxing Day…

“So she would get us all a small present [labelled] ‘Merry Christmas, from the Tree.’ And we opened them on Boxing Day.

“She’s gone now, but we still do tree presents every year, and we all insist on keeping up the pretence that the presents come from the tree.”

Presents play hide and seek

Another Reddit contributor, Liseusester, revealed the family tradition an ex of hers had that she found truly “bizarre”.

“Christmas morning seemed like it was all going fairly normally; we’d got up, had a piece of toast, gone to church, come home for Christmas breakfast…

“And I was expecting that we’d then go into the living room and unwrap presents.”

Yet, Liseusester found out “this is not what they do”, instead, people then had to hunt for their Christmas presents around the house and garden.

“One of my ex’s parents would, every single Christmas morning, get up early and go and hide the presents in the house and the garden.

“I think it probably began as a way to keep the kids entertained and out from under their parents feet when they were little.

“But the kids, by the time this Christmas happened, were all in their late 20s, early 30s, and no one had had grandchildren by that point.

“It’s not why my ex and I broke up, but it might have been a small contributing factor.”

Can you think of any unique traditions you and your family do at Christmas?

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