Brits issued £8.54 Christmas warning if they use Royal Mail postal services

Enlightening figures have shown how much prices for Royal Mail have risen in the past year – and where they could go.

The Royal Mail spiked the price of first-class stamps in April 2023 to £1.10, only for the cost to go up more by 15p in October. At present, the cost of a standard first-class stamp is £1.25, which is a 31.6 percent increase in price since October 2022.

Based on the assumption that Royal Mail will continue to increase prices in such a way, promotional products company has come up with shocking calculations. According to, if Royal Mail continues to increase prices of first-class stamps by 31.6 percent year on year, by 2030, first-class stamps could cost £8.54.

Second-class stamps have had a more modest price increase in the past year, with a 7p uprise amounting to a 10.3 percent increase within a year.

The cost of a second-class stamp has remained at 75p since April 2023. Yet, by the end of the decade, second-class stamps might put you out of pocket by £1.49 to send one standard letter.

People have already flocked to social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to complain about the service Royal Mail provides.

One posted: “What is going on @RoyalMail? Not only have you raised the prices too high to post [Christmas] cards, you can’t even get them there on time.”

According to Birmingham Live, another disgruntled Royal Mail customer posted: “It’s so sad Christmas cards are getting so expensive to post… another tradition fading away.”

A spokesperson for said: “While it’s uncertain that Royal Mail will hike up their prices by 31.6 percent each year, ending Christmas cards is becoming financially unjustifiable for those simply trying to keep in touch with family and friends.

“It’s possible that sending physical cards could soon become a thing of the past.”

The spokesperson pointed out that “many people” have already switched from sending physical cards to sending e-cards.

Meanwhile, lots of people have stopped the festive tradition altogether to cut down on Christmas costs.

Should prices continue to increase the way that suggests, would you continue to send a Christmas card to family and friends?

With the New Year around the corner, it wouldn’t be surprising if Royal Mail put up prices again in 2024.

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